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How to get motivated

If we could control our motivation, we could achieve anything in life. We haven't found the perfect formula yet. However, there are a few key elements that might help you.

Baby steps

Start small, and aim for consistency. It's a lot more valuable for you to run a mile every day than seven miles on a Saturday. Besides the health benefits, this consistent show of commitment is more likely to stick with you over the long term. People make elaborate 30-day training plans, and by day five, they have a hiccup; by day ten, they give up. What if I told you that just five minutes (five minutes!) could set you the course to success? Yes, that's it. Start with 5 minutes every day. Did you succeed in doing 5 minutes of exercise every day in the week? Alright, increase it to 10 next week.

Focus on acquiring a new habit, not merely achieving a goal.
Let's be honest. Losing weight is the #1 reason people decide to exercise – no problem with that. The problem is to obsess about the symptom (weight) instead of the cause (a sedentary lifestyle). If you set a "goal" to lose 10, 20, or 40 lbs, I guarantee you'll be back to your previous weight in six to twelve months. Now, if you focus on acquiring new active lifestyle habits (and other habits as well around what you eat and drink, how much you sleep, etc.), you are changing your life forever. You might not achieve your weight loss goal as quickly, but you'll get there, and the results, if you maintain the new acquired active lifestyle habits, will be long lasting!

Tie to other habits

It might be the most under-appreciated habit hack ever! Do you want to acquire a new habit? Tie it into a habit that you already have, particularly a habit that you already enjoy doing it. Let's say that you love to watch a TV series every day after work. Only watch your TV series after you do five minutes of activity. We have so many (good and bad) daily habits. Just find one that can wait an extra 5-10 minutes so you can squeeze in your exercise.

We are social beings

A strong motivating force is to find a buddy that's willing to take on this journey with you. An accountability partner is a proven way to change behavior.  If you are the competitive type, find another two or three other people for a challenge, although you want to make sure they are on it for the long run as well. Finally, committing "publicly" on social media and sharing your success and failures will also help you keep you motivated.