Tiny Fitness

About Tiny Fitness

I've made Tiny Fitness for my family. Tracking our physical activity together and in a visible place that we pass by many times a day – the kitchen – helps quite a bit with our motivation.

In 2011 I started a Fitness/Health startup in Seattle. We created many layers of incentives and motivations for individuals to pursue a healthier lifestyle, from gamification to fitness challenges, from rewards from your employer to donations to charity organizations. The product was moderately successful (not the unicorn we wanted it to be). In the process of building that startup, I read every book and every article I could find about gamification, behavior change & behavior science, and the impact of physical activity (exercise or not) on longevity, quality of life, sleep, weight loss, stress, etc.

I even filled a patent on quantifying the impact of physical activity in an actuarially accurate point-system for insurance companies and employers to reward individuals.

I decided to create Tiny Fitness to focus less on the near-term outcome and more on long-term behavior change. I also choose to go old school: pen and paper. There is quite a bit of behavior science behind this simple PDF.

Go ahead and download the Tiny Fitness sheet, print it at home, and start tracking. Check the other pages on this site on how to get the most out of it. I highly encourage you to find a fitness buddy (or buddies) to help keep each other motivated and make it more fun.

-Marcelo Calbucci